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First of all, I highly recommend you to watch this funny and critical food waste video of John Oliver in the Last Week Tonight Show:


10 Facts about Food Waste

  1. 1.3 billion tons of food in the world are wasted, which is 1/3 of the world’s food output. With this output, the poor could be fed 4 times !
  2. While there are 1.5 billion overweght people in the world, there are 1 billion people in the world, who don’t have enough food.
  3. In the USA for example 40%-50% of food available are thrown away, which equals to over 20 pounds per person per month.
  4. Rotting food produces methane, which affects climate change.
  5. European countries have 3 times more food than they actually need, in America it is even 4 times.
  6.  Now this fact hurts: 40%-60% of fish are discarded, because they have the wrong size, are the wrong species or do not fit any other regulations.
  7. Seeing food as an end product of a chain of production processes, we also throw away water, work effort and land that were all used to produce the food. May it be vegetables, dairy, meat or fish. Especially wasting animal products should simply not happen !
  8. The EU throws away 90 million tons of food every year, which would surround the equator if put on trucks. More importantly, most food waste is produced by consumers.
  9. In supermarkets, groceries get thrown away due to visual imperfections, although they are fresh and taste absolutely fine.
  10. In supermarkets, groceries also get thrown away when not being sold by the “sell by date” date.

Food Waste Videos

Here a short information documentary about food waste in the U.S. :

I love love looooove TEDx Talks, there is one about Food Waste by Peter Lehner:

Food Waste News



Germany plans ‘smart’ packaging to cut food waste

Food Waste Related Books

  1. “Food Foolish” by John M. Mandyck:
  2. “American Wasteland” by Jonathan Bloom:
  3. “Waste: Uncovering the Food Scandal” by Tristram Stuart: