The person:

My name is Nadja, I am a German Master’s student living in Amsterdam and I live Carpe Deli, daily. I have grown up in a small mountain village in quite a big family. With my great grand father owning a chain of healthy food shops and my grandmother growing her own food in her big garden, I quickly developed interests in food, ways of making food and different recipes. Since a while, I have developed a deeper interest in the environment and the food industry, especially the aspects relating to food waste and food scarcity. Having lived in Spain, Jamaica, China and the Netherlands, made me get to know many different ways of how to cook food. I would not describe myself as a born-to-be- chef but rather a born-to-be curious person that loves to experiement with food and cherish its raw beauty.

The concept:

Carpe Deli, which describes a lifestyle of reducing food waste with creative recipes, has transformed my daily meals in many different ways. How did Carpe Deli evolve? It all began with me being a student in university, having a limited budget to live from, being aware of global food scarcity and being passionate about trying out new delicious recipes. Being fascinated by the meals, that I could create with left- over groceries and seeing ecological and cost- benefits, I am now developing recipes, which help reducing grocery leftovers. With this passion for trying to make full use of food at the core of this concept, I founded the name “Carpe Deli”, which is derived from the latin meaning of “Seize the Delicacies”.

With the Carpe Deli lifestyle, my meals have become: more creative, more cost efficient & more eco-friendly.

The recipes:

The recipes all have in common, that they use atleast one ingredient, that is being used before spoiling.The recipe ideas shown are easy to make, use fresh ingredients and are meatless or even vegan.

This blog is aimed at all environmentally conscious food lovers, who want to be surprised and inspired by new ways of using and processing their food to the fullest with different, creative and delicious recipes.

So, CARPE DELI and enjoy the blog 🙂


            – the carpe deli way of life –