Chanterelle Risotto with Fresh Parsley and Parmesan

Written by nadjaelli

Hey guys,

yesterday I posted a picture of a Chanterelle Risotto, which I made recently. It was so tasty, that I decided to share the recipe on the blog. I made it with parsley leftovers in order to make sure that they don’t spoil. It was super fast and easy to make. Check out a picture of the yummy Risotto below:


For 2 portions of Risotto you need:


  • 300 grams of Chanterelles
  • 200 grams of Risotto rice
  • 400 miliiters of water
  • 2 small onions
  • 1 hand full of fresh parsley
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • 1 table spoon of cooking butter // or olive oil
  • 1 cube of vegetable broth/spice
  • 50 grams of parmesan
  • salt and pepper
  • 1 tea spoon of balsamic vinegar
  • EDIBLE: 100 mililiters of white wine

Start cutting the onions and the garlic cloves into small pieces and cut the parsley into smaller chunks, while you let the butter/oil heat up in the pan. Once the butter is hot in the pan, start frying the garlic and the onions in the pan on a low fire for a few minutes. In the mean time, start washing the Chanterelles properly and let them dry a bit again. I usually do not cut Chanterelles, because they are small and already have a good size. (This depends on your personal taste though). Then, add the chanterelles to the pan and start frying them with the garlic and the onions for atleast 10 minutes on a medium fire. Add the vegetable spice, the salt and the pepper while they are frying.

Now add the risotto rice to the pan and stirr properly, so that it mixes evenly among the chnaterelles, the garlic and the onion pieces and that it absorbes the spices properly. Finally add the  white wine and let it simmer down in the chanterelle risotto rice mixture on a medium fire. Once simmered down, add the 400 mililiters of water and stir properly so that the risotto rice can absorb the spices and the taste of the chanterelles and the garlic and onions along with the water. Let the mixture cook while occasionally stirring until the water has been absorbed and a smooth mixture has emerged. Now add the parmesan and keep stirring the mixture so that the parmesan melts evenly in the risotto. Turn the fire down, once this is done.

Finally add the parsley and mix it into the risotto gently.

Enjoy and CARPE DELI ! 🙂



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