Mamma Mia: Amazing Food and Views in Venice and Burano

Written by nadjaelli

Buongiorno everyone,

after returning from the little Italy vacation, I am now back in the Netherlands dreaming myself back to the beautiful sunny and colorful views, the ice cream, the smell of fresh Espresso and the colorful pasta variations at the market stands. We went to Venice and Burano island.

I wanted to share some moments of the holiday with you guys and the names of some places we went to. In case you are planning a vacation there, you can take those tips with you 😉 First of all, a nice picture of a gondola on the Canal Grande in Venice:


We started off the first day with an apperitivo in the sun at the “Osteria Dal Riccio Peoco”, which is located on the Campo Santi Apostoli. We had some little Italian Antipasti bits and red wine. Yup, we drank red wine in the early morning ! 😀 We really liked the place and even came back the next day, because they offer local prices for very delicious Italian food in an authentic Italian ambiance. We enjoyed the food and drinks outside in the sun on the Campo. Check out a picture of this below:



Throughout the day, we explored the city and after seeing 10.000 ice cream places, we could not resist anymore and bought delicious pistachio icecreams, layered with white chocolate and pictachio sprinkles. The shop offered different icecream flavors, chocolate layers and toppings. Sadly, I was so focused on the ice cream that I did not check the name of the ice cream shop. Check out a picture of the deliciousness below:


We also went to the Rialto market, which offered a variety of delicious authentic Italian herbs, tomatoes, lots of vegetables aaaand peppers. Check out a picture of them below:



We could not wait to go to this special island called Burano island, which is famous for its colorful houses. Since, gelato is always good for sunny weather, I enjoyed a melon pistachio icecream in one of the streets in Burano. My boyfriend is holding it in the picture. Check the picture out below:


We walked around the beautiful streets of Burano and I could not get enough of these colours:


At some point we got hungry and had a delicious lunch at a place called “Principe Ristorante Pizzeria” located on the Via San Mauro (It has a red front side with crowns next to the restaurant name). I can really recommend the pasta dishes there and the service was also very good, which is not always guaranteed in Italy. I digged into my heavenly tasting Spaghetti Aglio e Olio as you can see here:


All in all, we had such a good time and once again, I got convinced that the Italians know what’s tasty. I got new ideas for my #nofoodwaste recipes and I am already craving another little trip. Have a great day guys and check out the places in case you go to Venice !

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