Honey- Truffle Sauteed Mushrooms with Kale Bulgur

Written by nadjaelli

Hey my Dears,

today I wanted to share this yummy mushroom recipe with you. I was so happy, that this week was over, that I wanted to make something special. My mom gave my this special truffle oil and so I decided to create some mushroom deliciousness with it. Check out a picture of this meal below:


For this recipe for 1 person you need:

1 cup of veggie/ normal bulgur

2 cups of water

300 grams of kale

200 grams of mushrooms

1 package of vegetable broth

1 onion

2 garlic cloves

1 teaspoon of honey

4 table spoons of truffle oil

a bit of salt and pepper

a bit of sweet pepper spice

Edible: a bit of garden cress

First of all, cut the onion into small pieces and start frying it in pot with 1 table spoon of the truffle oil. Once the onion is fried, add the bulgur to the onion pieces and fry them all together in the oil for about 2 minutes. Then turn the fire down and add the 2 cups of water to the mix aswell as the vegetable broth. Let this boil for about 15-20 minutes, until the bulgur has soaked up all the water. Then add the kale to the mix and stir it carefully in the low hear for another 2 minutes.

In the mean time, cut the garlic cloves and start frying them with 2 table spoons of truffle oil in a pan. While they are frying, cut the mushrooms into slices and them to the garlic pieces in the pan, once the they are fried. Once added to the pan, let the mushrooms fry in the garlic and the truffle oil for 5 minutes. Then, add salt and pepper and some sweet pepper spice and let the mushrooms absorb the spices for another 2 minutes. Finally pour the teaspoon of honey over the mushrooms and let the honey fry for a while in the mixture.

Then you are ready to serve the bulgur-kale mix topped with the sauteed mushrooms on a plate.  Pour the last table spoon of truffle oil over the whole meal as a little refinement. You can add some fresh garden cress on top of the meal.


Enjoy and CARPE DELI 🙂

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