Vegan Carbonara with Yellow Wax Beans and Radicchio

Written by nadjaelli

Hello my Dears,
Today I want to publish a vegan carbonara, which I made a few days back. It was quite a special dish, because I made it with Yellow Wax beans from my grandma’s garden. The idea of adding them to the dish just popped up in my head when I saw that we had the beans waiting in the freezer.
Soooo, here is an impression of the Carbonara. Did I already mention that I LOVE PASTA?

For the recipe for 2 persons you need:
1 pack of regular or wholegrain spaghetti
1 purple onion
3 garlic cloves
300 grams of yellow wax beans
5 medium radicchio leaves
1 pack of oat or soy cream
50 milliliters of hot water
1 pack of vegetable broth
5 table spoons of oil
A bit of salt and pepper
Edible: 5 parsley leaves
First of all wash the wax beans and let them dry off a little bit in the sink. Then cut the onion and garlic cloves into small pieces. Take two table spoons of olive oil and start frying the 2 garlic cloves and half of the onion pieces in a big pan. Once the onions and the garlic are fried, add 2/3 of the the wax beans to the pan and fry them until they get a little bit brown. Turn the fire of the stove a little bit down.
Next, heat up 100 mililiters of water. Once they are heated add the pack of vegetable broth to the hot water and mix it until the vegetable broth is mixed evenly. Now add the broth water to the pan and mix the broth under the fried garlic, onion and wax beans. Let it cook for about 5 minutes and then add the pack of oat / soy cream to the pan. Mix it through and let it cook on a very low fire for another 5-10 minutes with regular stirring. Add salt and pepper according to your personal taste.
Now cook the spaghetti until they are al dente. In the meantime, cut the radicchio leaves and the parsley into smaller pieces.
Take the remaining onion half and the 1 garlic clove left and fry them separately followed by the 1/3 of remaining wax beans. Fry them until they are a little bit crispy and then they are ready.
Now add the spaghetti to the big pan with the sauce and mix the spaghetti and the sauce together. Plate them and add the separately fried garlic, onion and wax beans on top. Add the radicchio and the parsley leaves by the side.
Enjoy and CARPE DELI !

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