Apple Rose Puff Pastry Cakes

Written by nadjaelli

Hey my dears,

yesterday we had a Christmas coffee and cake with my family. My aunty made these deliciously looking cute apple rose cakes. I have seen them in several places now and got curious about how to make them. It turns out, that these cakes such few ingredients and are such a great way to use your apples before they are spoiling. Check out a picture of those cakes my aunty made below:

For 8 cakes you need:

– 4 red apples

– 2 big slices of puff pastry

– ½ lemon

– 500 milliliters of water

– Half a cup of apricot jam

– 100 milliliters of water

– 1/3 cup of sugar and cinnamon mixed

– A bit of powdered sugar

– A bit of baking butter

First of all, cut the apples in half and take out the core of each of the apples. Next, cut the apples halves into very thin slices. Next, fill a bowl with 500 milliliters of water and squeeze out the lemon half for the lemon juice to be added to the water. Put the apple slices in there are let them soak in the lemon water for about 10 minutes.

Add the 100 milliliters of water to the half cup of apricot jam and stir it till the mixture has become more fluid and smooth.

Now take one of the big puff pastry slices and cut it into 4 long lanes with the same width. Take the first lane and spread a bit of the apricot-water mix on the whole lane. Next, take some of the apple out of the water and lay them on the lane. The most important thing here is that you lay the apple slices on the upper half of the puff pastry lane, and the round sides of the slices overlap the lane for about 2 centimeters. Lay out as many slices next to each other as long as the puff pastry lane is.

Then pour some sugar and cinnamon over the lane and fold the bottom half of the puff pastry lane over on the apple slices. Now start at one side of the lane and roll it in till the other end of the lane. Once rolled in, the apple slices will look like rose leaves. Fold the other cakes in the same way until you have made 8 cakes.

Spread the baking butter into the cups of a cupcake baking form and place the apple rose puff pastry cakes in there. Now bake them in the oven for about 35 minutes at 180° Celsius. Once the cakes are cooled down, pour some powdered sugar over them.

Enjoy the cakes and Carpe Deli !

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