10 Ways to use your Beet Roots

Written by nadjaelli

Hey everyone,

This morning I went to my grandmother’s garden to check out what kinds of winter veggies she is currently growing. Although there was not much there, and the main crop season is already over, I found these cute buddies below:

I personally grew up thinking, that beet roots are only consumed in salad. However, beet roots can be delicious in so many other ways: raw, cooked and baked. With this post, I want to give you some ideas for how to use them. So that next time when you have beet roots in the house, you do not have to think long for getting ideas for beet root meals. Check out the following 10 ways on how to use beet roots below:

1. Beets in Salad
The classic way of using beet roots is to just cut them in little cubes or slices and using them as an ingredient for different salads with lettuce or cabbage. Very refreshing and especially nice in summer. Check out a picture of this from my Instagram below:

2. Beet Root Smoothie
This is also a classic way of using beet roots. When adding apples, a lemon, mint and a bit of spinach, this smoothie will boost your power within an hour.
3. Beet Carpaccio
A similar version to beet roots in salad is to enjoy the beet roots as a carpaccio by cutting them into thin slices. In combination with warm cabbiatta bread, balsamico and even hummus this is such a light and fresh dish. Check out a picture of this from my Instagram below:

4. Beet Root Risotto
Beet Root Risotto serves as a healthy and fresh version of the usually quite heavy risotto. After having added some onions, garlic, parsley and parmesan, this also serves as a great meal for spring.
5. Beet Root Soup
Yes, a creamy beet root soup with garlic, onions, tomatoes and yoghurt or feta cheese can be damn good. I think, it is the perfect dish for any time of the year.
6. Beet Crisps from the oven
The perfect healthy and yummy alternative for potato crisps. Here the beet roots are also cut into thin slices, seasoned with oil, garlic and sweet pepper powder (optional) for example and then put in the oven to be baked into crisps.
7. Beet Root Hummus or Dip
Perfect for when having many beet roots left is beet root spread or hummus. The beet roots are chopped into small pieces or even mashed into a creamy texture by using a mixer. Adding them to hummus, they can be nicely enjoyed with bread. Check out a picture of this from my Instagram below:

8. Beet Root Fritters
This way of using your beet roots is especially nice for when you have many beet roots left. With some potatoes, carrots, onions and an egg (optional), the fritters are a very filling way of using your beet roots.
9. Beet Root Gratin
In combination with potatoes or other veggies topped with cheese, a beet root gratin is so nice for cold winter days. Yum
10. Beet Root Burgers
Also quite a good dish for when there are several beet roots left in the fridge. Combined with quinoa or oats, different spices and an egg (optional), the beet root burgers are such a good way of using this pink vegetable.

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